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Our Agenda is to facilitate moving from mere change to Evolution.
And, more specifically, to Social Evolution

"Fuels" of a Broken Economy

Energy is a basic requirement of the worldwide economy. Nations that are blessed by the gods with oil reserves have, for better or worse, a special place among the nations.

The phrase “for better or worse” is used advisedly because in international economics the concept of “resource curse” is quite prevalent.
The weaker among these nations regularly suffer interference in their internal affairs from stronger, usually high energy-use neighbours.

Conflicting Views, Tough Questions

We can offer our views, sometimes conflicting, on the degree or level of reforms.

However these conflicts should lead to mutual learning because disagreements indicate underlying truths to be brought into consciousness where the conflict often gets resolved.

Often a simple misunderstanding becomes evident or a too restricted viewpoint proves to be an inadequate context in which problems can not be correctly defined.

Systemic Fiscal Reform

It presents the perfect chance to bring our financial framework once more into its proper place within economics as a whole.

A great tragedy befell real-world economic understanding with the advent of “neo-classical economics during the first few decades of the 20th century.

Economics is  social science that is why classical economists were speaking about Political Economy and not “economics”, modelled on the natural sciences.
Don’t construe this as a mistaken position that argues for “turning the clock back”. That would just show that mainstream economists do not understand  real economics which, by the way, is the simplest of the social sciences.

After these remarks about economics proper, we can talk about finance as being one of the subsystems of the whole, with production and distribution being the two other subsystems.

Welcome to Good World Lightnet

Welcome to a node of the Good World Movement.


This name refers to the world-wide network of people who choose to participate in the process of unfolding a progressively better world.

Thinking about the future of civilization within an evolutionary time frame helps us to see the need for more than cosmetic improvements on current social arrangements. More of the same but a little bit better will not do in the future.


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